CDM provides a wide range of services, including virtual care. You can see your healthcare professional without going to our urgent care thanks to the technology that allows us to talk to our patients simply through their cell phones or computers to provide them with necessary medical consultations and advice. The same top-notch care that you receive in our clinics is now available to you at the comfort of your home. Through your patient portal, you are connected to your doctor wherever you are.
No matter where they live, patients can benefit from virtual care, which can help them obtain more prompt and appropriate care. It helps patients and their families:
  • Receive care closer to where they live, closer to their family and community, with less travel time and expense, and with more equal and prompt access to services to improve continuity of care.
  • Access to specialized services that aren't often offered in their location.
  • Have more equitable and timely access to services to improve continuity of care
Virtual care is a great option especially for those patients who have mobility issues. For further assistance and more information about virtual office visit and virtual care, please feel free to contact our facility and talk to our helpful staff regarding this service.