Occupational medicine prevents and treats illnesses and injuries that occur at workplaces. At CDM urgent care, our occupational medicine doctors are knowledgeable with state and federal laws governing worker health and safety. They can thereby diagnose and treat work-related injuries significantly better than the majority of general care doctors due to their relevant knowledge and experiences.
Our occupational medicine focuses primarily on these crucial:
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Performance of workers.

Workers who suffer from accidents or illnesses at work are given medical attention. We help our patients return to work safely and give them advice on restrictions that help the returning employees be productive and at the same time protected. We also treat health care workers with their accidents and their injuries, and provide them with immunization boosters when needed to prevent diseases. We also conduct “return to work” tests and exams in workplaces to make sure the employee is safe to return to their regular job.We work hard to collaborate with employers, workers, regulators, insurers, public health, and other occupational safety and health experts to make workplaces a safer place to work.