The majority of people with minor symptoms and no underlying medical concerns can recuperate at home, just like they would with the flu or a cold. There are several medicines available to those who are at high risk for developing severe COVID-19 that can help avert serious consequences and hospital stays.

Prevention of COVID-19 in Immunocompromised Patients People who are moderately or severely immunocompromised can help prevent COVID-19 infection by taking the long-acting monoclonal antibody medication Evusheld. Injections into the muscles give the preventative medication. It should only be administered to patients who have had all available vaccinations and boosters because it is not a replacement for vaccination. You can discuss your eligibility for Evusheld with our doctors here at CDM urgent care.

Do you offer COVID-19 testing? PCR Nasal COVID-19 testing is done at CDM Urgent Care for patients who have been exposed to it or who are exhibiting symptoms. Whenever a patient requests testing, a clinician assesses them.

When will the test results be ready?

The swab is collected by CDM Urgent Care staff and is sent to the lab for analysis. Results are typically ready in 2 to 3 days. Regarding the release date of the results, we are unable to provide any assurances.

How to prevent Covid-19?

It is crucial that you adhere to CDC recommendations both right now and after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The spread of COVID-19 can be halted by getting the vaccine and continuing to practice protective behaviors such as routine hand washing, wearing a face mask in public, and adhering to local government quarantine orders and physical distancing regulations.