Convenience is something you deserve, so say goodbye to annoying waiting lines.
Your environment can significantly influence how quickly you recover from an illness or accident. Under the supervision of a qualified doctor, CDM Urgent Care assists you in managing your care at home. In this manner, you can heal in a setting that is comfortable and known to you. In order to assist you to regain your health without having to travel to a hospital and to receive other professional care and treatments, CDM home visits makes every service accessible right at your place of choice. You can simply:
  • Make a visitation request We're accessible every day of the year. We will inquire about your symptoms and provide you with an estimated time of arrival when you call
  • Enjoy specialized care at home Qualified medical staff will visit you at home. All teams employ sterile equipments
  • Rest and recover Any medications you require will be called in, your doctor will be informed, and your insurance company invoicing will be handled by us