The medical specialty of pediatrics focuses on treating patients who are younger in age, such as infants, kids, and teenagers. Our pediatricians are highly qualified medical professionals who focus on the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and medical issues that affect children.

We provide family-centered care with individualized treatment plans made to suit your child's particular needs. Our committed pediatric doctors treat medical issues ranging from the simple to the complex using cutting-edge diagnostics and the most recent developments in multidisciplinary therapy and technology.

Our pediatricians offer general medical care to our young patients, monitor their growth and development, and track and administer the immunizations for infants and children.

We at CDM offer newborns, kids, and teens cutting-edge diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care.

At CDM facility we take the following procedures:

  • Evaluate patients’ medical conditions, diagnose illnesses and provide treatments
  • Order or perform diagnostic tests and provide interpretation
  • Prescribe medications, treatments, and therapies
  • Provide and perform vaccinations
  • Explain diagnoses, discuss the medical treatments and procedures as well as test results with patients and family members
  • Monitor and evaluate patients' medical progress
  • Refer the patients to specialists, therapists, and other medical staff
  • Offering consultations to the patients and their parents for medical treatments, diets, activities, hygiene
  • Provide preventional advice for a healthy lifestyle
  • Collecting, recording, and maintaining patients' medical records
  • Conducting research and developments on new treatments, medications and technologies For more information and further assistance, please contact and talk to our helpful staff.